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Get Your BIM Deployment Workbook


By Synergis Engineering Design Solutions So you know that your organization needs to move to Building Information Modeling, but how?  Perhaps you read our posts about BIM 101: An Introduction to Building Information Modeling or the BIM Pilot: Getting Started Guide, and now you are wondering how to put this knowledge into use. The BIM Pilot Deployment Workbook The intent of Autodesk’s BIM Pilot Deployment ... Read More »

How Laser Scanning Helps Save Time and Tax Payer Dollars in the Field


By Jeff Yoder The promise of field-accurate site conditions inside a 3D building information model is becoming a reality on construction sites and in early design discussions, thanks to better software import capabilities and newer, less-expensive field scanning technologies. We previously discussed prefabrication and how small oranizations can play a key role in coordinating design and construction activities, and laser scanning is ... Read More »

Closing the Gap Between the BIM Model and Construction Layout in the Field


Last week, Autodesk added a new BIM 360 Layout app to its BIM 360 cloud service (which gives construction field workers access to project data anywhere, anytime). This new app connects BIM to the construction layout process and replaces what can be an error-prone process with laser-guided precision. It works by connecting design intent from the digital model with the ... Read More »

Govies Make an Impact in the 2014 Autodesk Excellence in Infrastructure Awards


We here all the time about our nation’s infrastructure crisis, isn’t it about time we heard some positive news! Well, thanks to the Autodesk Excellence in Infrastructure 2014 awards, infrastructure planners and engineers are getting the recognition they deserve! This was your chance to submit examples of how your agency has transformed its workflows, introduce sustainability into the design process, improved ... Read More »

GIS at the Heart of the Best Government Websites of 2014


Government Technology recently announced its 2014 Best of the Web Awards a joint project with e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government, which highlights the public sector’s evolving capabilities on the web. State, local and county websites were judged based on several criteria – innovation, usefulness, and efficiency. While open source, cloud, responsive design and even gamified elements, caught the judges eyes, the use ... Read More »

What’s New in Revit 2015? 8 Tips and Tricks


By Jeff Yoders When we last discussed Revit, it was to show how its processes can allow prefabrication of building components, particularly MEP equipment. A new version of Revit brought new tools and features to users when it launched earlier this year, most of which are specifically focused on helping you create better designs that can be sent right to construction or ... Read More »

Very Nice Cursor Improvements in AutoCAD 2015


By Isaac Harper, CADSoft Consulting Autodesk has made some enhancements to the Cursor in AutoCAD 2015. A minor improvement was the crosshair lines that used to run through the pick box have been removed to make it easier to view what you are selecting. You can still use the PICKBOX system variable or the OPTIONS Dialog on the SELECTION tab ... Read More »

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