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4 Exciting Features in the New Release of InfraWorks 360


The latest release of InfraWorks 360 (Autodesk’s preliminary design software) became available for download on June 8, 2015 and includes some very nice improvements in functionality, including roadway design, drainage design, roundabout design, and more, as showcased in this blog from BIM on the Rocks. By way of a summary, here’s a sneak peek at what’s new: Roundabouts Got Easy ... Read More »

Explore the First 3D CAD/CAM Cloud Tool – Fusion 360


Is your agency using the cloud for CAD or any other related digital design work? From cloud-based apps that let you work on any computer or device to the amazing computer power that you can access for less money than buying traditional software, the cloud is a wonderful thing. Thanks to tools like Fusion 360 – the first 3D CAD/CAM ... Read More »

Getting to Know the New AutoCAD 2016 Start Tab


By Isaac Harper, CADSoft Consulting Well AutoCAD 2016 is out and loaded with a bunch of new features, and once again I will be covering a lot of them in my up-coming blogs and community sites. Although, this is a great way for or clients to be aware of what is out there, it still makes me wonder how many ... Read More »

How to Put Together a BIM Training for Everyone


We all know BIM isn’t just for the techy folks. Other stakeholders, like engineers, architects, project managers and facilities managers need to understand BIM concepts too. But these casual users are often under-served by BIM training. After all, these aren’t always the people who attend Autodesk University and other technology training events which tend to focus on the people who actually use BIM software like ... Read More »

7 Time-Saving AutoCAD Tips for Mac


By Jeff Yoders, Line//Shape//Space This AutoCAD Tips and Tricks roundup covers filleting parallel lines, using AutoCAD on your Mac with the native Mac UI, saving time with Dynamic UCS, and mesh modeling for quick and easy design. All of these tips focus on improvements made in AutoCAD 2010 and later. Architects, engineers, product designers, and any AutoCAD user—especially those with ... Read More »

4 Steps to Reduce your Civil 3D DWG File Size


By Ron Couillard, CADSoft Consulting Have you ever seen a drawing file you created with Civil 3D balloon in file size? Has this caused performance to take a nose dive? The following steps should help you get some improvement on getting smaller file size, and hopefully better performance: 1. Run an audit. An audit will detect errors and allow you ... Read More »

State & Local Agencies: Don’t Lose Your Unspent FY’2015 Funding


State and local fiscal year-end is fast approaching, and it’s a great time to make an investment in design software and services. After all, unspent funding is not only a lost opportunity, it may send a signal to budget-setters that they should reduce funding next year. With Autodesk’s 2016 software release now fully rolled out, now is a great time ... Read More »

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