Thursday , March 26 2015

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AutoCAD 2016 is Here


AutoCAD 2016 launches today (first customer ship date)! What can you expect? Well. according to our friends at Synergis Engineeering Design Solutions, Autodesk addressed many of the AUGI wishlist items submitted by users, including: Geometric Center object snap Updates to Revision Cloud A new Text frame property added to Mtext objects and more. Autodesk’s Heidi Hewett also offered a sneak peek: “In this newest release ... Read More »

How to Export High Quality Views from Revit for Reports


By David Metcalf, CADSoft Consulting Wanting to save a view as an image for reports? While I typically use a premium screen capture and image annotation tool on a daily basis. I’ll suggest anyone to try this tip to take higher quality image shots within Revit as a Render image. It will store the image in the Revit Project Browser, ... Read More »

Flatten, Extend, Filter – 5 Everyday CAD Tips


By Jeff Yoders, Line//Shape//Space Do you love AutoCAD but could use a few more tricks up your sleeve, such as flattening a drawing and copying and pasting exact details? Check out these five quick-and-easy AutoCAD video tips, and stay tuned for more from Line//Shape//Space’s best-of-video content series. 1. Copying and Pasting with an Original Insertion Point When copying and pasting ... Read More »

Building Lifecycle Trends Workshop – Coming to A City Near You


Buildings today have a lot of data associated with them—from Google earth images to floorplans, photos and automated building systems. The question becomes: How do you apply all this information throughout the building lifecycle to reduce costs and redundancy in the design, build and manage process? That’s the focus of a series of upcoming workshops hosted by IMAGINiT Technologies, DLT Solutions, ... Read More »

Autodesk Retiring the Subscription Center this Week


If you’re an Autodesk Subscription customer then you probably already know, but here’s your final reminder, the Subscription Center will be retired on March 13, 2015. In its place, customers will be redirected to the newly enhanced Autodesk Account where you’ll be able to manage all your products, services and Subscription benefits in one place. This personalized and easy-to-use portal, is ... Read More »

How Does BIM Boost On-Site Safety?


By Synergis Engineering Design Solutions Safety on the job-site is often the first concern for many of the contractors we speak to. On-site injuries are an expensive risk to their projects, so reducing these risks is one of the most popular reasons that firms employ Building Information Modeling (BIM). Does safety management increase schedule? Keeping to a tight schedule is ... Read More »

5 Quick and Easy AutoCAD Tips and Tricks: Define Boundaries; Bring in Point Cloud Data


By Jeff Yoders, Line//Shape//Space Do you love AutoCAD but feel like it needs to know its boundaries? Think that sometimes it’s in a completely different dimension than you? Here are some quick-and-easy AutoCAD tips and tricks in Line//Shape//Space’s best-of-video content Series. 1. Dimension Line Tricks If you have dimension lines crossing, you don’t need to break them manually. You can ... Read More »

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