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Free White Paper: DOTs Explain How They’re Transforming Transportation Infrastructure Design


According to the McKinsey Global Institute, roads are the world’s top infrastructure segment in terms of investment. Here in the U.S. increasing traffic and an aging infrastructure is making it more important than ever to build new or rehabilitate existing transportation systems. These projects are becoming increasingly larger and complex, yet funding levels have continued to drop and traditional design ... Read More »

3 Tips CAD Managers Can Use to Increase Team Efficiency and Productivity


By Shaun Bryant I think it was 1998, and the drawing office I was working in at the time was buzzing with anticipation. Being the CAD manager, I controlled the procurement budget for office equipment. Due to an excellent previous year, the powers that be had increased my CAD hardware budget. The CAD workstations had been upgraded already, so I ... Read More »

Who’s Checking your Vault Backups?


By Mark Lancaster, Synergis Engineering Design Solutions Are you checking to confirm your Vault backups are occurring? If not or you assume they are, I highly suggest you put a plan in place to confirm backups are occurring. Even if the responsibility lies with another individual or a group, simply ask them. Most time Vault backups run without incident. But ... Read More »

How Public Sector Facility Owners Can Make the Most of BIM


Skanska USA recently published an insightful blog on how facility owners can make the most of BIM, but did you know that the public sector is actually leading the charge in the adoption of BIM for facilities management? Several agencies and organizations are making use of dynamic BIM models from the design/build stage and even creating post-construction models to help ... Read More »

New Green Building Design Apps from Autodesk


Autodesk recently unveiled five new green building apps on its technology preview site Autodesk Labs. Currently in beta, these apps help building and infrastructure project teams cost-justify sustainability strategies and bring tighter integration between Building Performance Analysis (BPA) and BIM workflows for Revit and Autodesk FormIt users. The apps were unveiled at the annual Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in ... Read More »

3D Beyond Design: Using BIM for Prefabrication to Remove Waste and Save Money


Creating better designs is only part of the promise of BIM technology. Many small and medium-size organizations are using 3D design to collaborate with general contractors and construction managers to automate production of their designs and prefabricate building components such as mechanical equipment and curved glass curtain wall systems. While designers of any size are working for prefabrication, its impact ... Read More »

Can’t Make it to AU? Here are 3 Ways to Get the Autodesk Training you Need


Looking to refine your Autodesk software skills but can’t make it to Autodesk University this year? The good news is there are plenty of options for doing so, right from your desktop or mobile device. Autodesk University Online Let’s start with Autodesk University itself. If your agency budget won’t stretch to sending you to Vegas for a few days, then ... Read More »

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