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Using GIS for Investigating and Mapping Crime


A new book by Gregory Elmes, professor of geography at West Virginia University – “Forensic GIS: The Role of Geospatial Technologies for Investigating Crime and Providing Evidence” examines the use of location technology in preventing and fighting crime and convicting offenders. In the publisher’s press release, Elmes commented that: “Most of (society’s) data today contains locational information. Eighty percent of ... Read More »

The Internet of Things is at Work in Our Cities this Winter


The “Internet of Things” – it’s everywhere right now! The “Internet of Things” or IoT, for short, refers to the next evolution of the internet when everyday objects are networked to the web and each other. Smart watches, connected cars, appliances, houses, and more – very soon every physical thing will be accessible through the internet. In government, the uses ... Read More »

New Cloud Collaboration Tools Unveiled at Autodesk University


Last week, Autodesk chose Autodesk University 2014 to showcase new services for the building and infrastructure industries that will expand the benefits of BIM-based collaboration for Revit and InfraWorks 360 through the entire project lifecycle – from planning and design to construction and management. “Our aim is to equip project teams with highly connected, powerful services for every phase of ... Read More »

4 Ways to Effectively Archive Your Agency’s Construction Projects


By Shaun Bryant You’ve worked hard. The project is done and construction is complete. So, what happens to the project data? The drawings, the specifications, the OEM manuals, and all other associated data have to go somewhere. They can’t just be deleted; plus, space and data storage are always at a premium. So, the trick here is to archive effectively. ... Read More »

Watch Autodesk University Sessions Live Online


Autodesk University starts tomorrow, but if you aren’t able to make it to Vegas. Don’t worry, you can view a live video stream of key sessions for free. From December 2-4, several key classes and events will be available online, in real-time, including the keynote session, forums, and closing sessions. No registration is required, just click on the session you want ... Read More »

Free White Paper: DOTs Explain How They’re Transforming Transportation Infrastructure Design


According to the McKinsey Global Institute, roads are the world’s top infrastructure segment in terms of investment. Here in the U.S. increasing traffic and an aging infrastructure is making it more important than ever to build new or rehabilitate existing transportation systems. These projects are becoming increasingly larger and complex, yet funding levels have continued to drop and traditional design ... Read More »

3 Tips CAD Managers Can Use to Increase Team Efficiency and Productivity


By Shaun Bryant I think it was 1998, and the drawing office I was working in at the time was buzzing with anticipation. Being the CAD manager, I controlled the procurement budget for office equipment. Due to an excellent previous year, the powers that be had increased my CAD hardware budget. The CAD workstations had been upgraded already, so I ... Read More »

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