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Tips and How-Tos

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7 Tips and Tricks for Using Dynamic AutoCAD UCS


By Jeff Yoders, Line//Shape//Space Prior to 2007, drawing in 3D forced the drafter to constantly change the XY plane to draft on a particular face or plane of an object. You had to create a new user coordinate system every time you changed views. This AutoCAD tips and tricks roundup focuses on the Dynamic User Coordinate System (UCS), a feature ... Read More »

How to Export High Quality Views from Revit for Reports


By David Metcalf, CADSoft Consulting Wanting to save a view as an image for reports? While I typically use a premium screen capture and image annotation tool on a daily basis. I’ll suggest anyone to try this tip to take higher quality image shots within Revit as a Render image. It will store the image in the Revit Project Browser, ... Read More »

Flatten, Extend, Filter – 5 Everyday CAD Tips


By Jeff Yoders, Line//Shape//Space Do you love AutoCAD but could use a few more tricks up your sleeve, such as flattening a drawing and copying and pasting exact details? Check out these five quick-and-easy AutoCAD video tips, and stay tuned for more from Line//Shape//Space’s best-of-video content series. 1. Copying and Pasting with an Original Insertion Point When copying and pasting ... Read More »

5 Quick and Easy AutoCAD Tips and Tricks: Define Boundaries; Bring in Point Cloud Data


By Jeff Yoders, Line//Shape//Space Do you love AutoCAD but feel like it needs to know its boundaries? Think that sometimes it’s in a completely different dimension than you? Here are some quick-and-easy AutoCAD tips and tricks in Line//Shape//Space’s best-of-video content Series. 1. Dimension Line Tricks If you have dimension lines crossing, you don’t need to break them manually. You can ... Read More »

What’s New in the Latest Release of Autodesk A360?


Earlier this month, Autodesk released several new updates to Autodesk A360 its cloud-based project collaboration software. A360 lets engineers and other project team members work concurrently with the latest versions of plans. And they can access them whether they are in the field, using a mobile device in their trucks or cars, or working from home. The new release includes ... Read More »

6 Tips for AutoCAD Xref Layers, DWG File Size, Lineweights, and More


By Jeff Yoders In this roundup of AutoCAD tips and tricks, we tackle Object Snaps (Osnaps), external references (xrefs), managing DWG file size, navigating commands via right-click customization, and assigning lineweights. These tips will save time and energy in everyday AutoCAD operations. Happy snapping and reffing! 1. Using Object Snaps. Osnaps allow you to select positions on components in a ... Read More »

On-Demand: Lynn Allen’s “60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes”


Last month our friends at Synergis Engineering Design Solutions hosted Lynn Allen for her ever-popular “60 AutoCAD Tips in 60 Minutes”. If you missed the webinar, not to worry, the on-demand version is now available here. You can also download here latest “Tips and Tricks” booklet too. Read More »

How to Create Parcels from AutoCAD Objects in Civil 3D


Converting AutoCAD entities into land parcels is made easy in Civil 3D. Using a few simple steps you can convert entities into parcels with automatic labels that show useful topological data, such as land data. Parcel layout tools can be used to create and edit those parcels with precision. Here’s what you need to know: 1. To make things easier, ... Read More »

How to Spread your Time and Resources Across Different CAD Software


How many CAD programs do you manage? Long ago it was probably just one – AutoCAD or some other 2D design software. But with the advent of 3D design, and all that comes with it (design review software, mobile integration software, simulation tools, field apps, collaboration software, etc.), CAD managers have their hands full. If you are managing many pieces ... Read More »

How Does the Civil 3D Batch Drawing Converter Command Stack Up?


By Ron Couillard, CADSoft Consulting Civil 3D users always seem to have the need to batch export drawings for one reason or another. Years ago, there was the Pack n Go routine which would grab all dependent files and such and package everything up into a zip file. Obviously, this has been replaced by the E-Transmit routine. I had discovered ... Read More »

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