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Our Blogs are On the Move

We're on the move

For over 10 years, Acronym has been the go to, and only source of digital design content exclusively written with the government reader in mind. Our longevity and access to up to the minute industry news is down in large part to our sponsor, DLT Solutions. DLT is an Autodesk Master Government Reseller and expert in helping federal, state and ... Read More »

Autodesk Teams up With Box for Easy Design File Sharing


If you like to use the popular Box file-sharing services, then you’ll love this. Autodesk has just become a key partner of Box which means that accessing and sharing design and engineering files just got a whole lot easier. In the past Box users were frustratingly unable to view or share their design files, but now users can take advantage of the ... Read More »

How Engineers and Designers can Master Soft Skills


By Jean Thilmany You know your way around a job site or a shop floor like nobody’s business. You know the software inside out. You have awesome “hard skills,” but what about “soft skills” for engineers and designers? And what are soft skills, exactly? It’s those personality traits and characteristics that make one person a “people person,” the other an ... Read More »

Don’t Miss the Revit Answer Day on Oct 7th


Revit users, don’t miss this chance to pose your software questions to the folks at Autodesk behind Revit® or Revit LT™! Yes, it’s time for another installment in the Autodesk Answer Days series. This online event will take place on Wednesday, October 7th from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific Time. Spend a minute, an hour, or the whole day in ... Read More »

Top 10 AutoCAD Apps for Under $50

Top 10 AutoCAD Apps

Who doesn’t want to get more out of their software investment? Well, thanks to Autodesk Exchange (Autodesk’s app store) you can get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to AutoCAD apps. In fact, the most popular apps from Autodesk Exchange are AutoCAD productivity enhancers. To help you learn what’s what, Autodesk’s Jim Quanci and Stephen Preston provide ... Read More »

Why and How to Become a LEED Certified Architect

LEED architect

By Taz Loomans Is LEED AP just another set of letters that architects tack onto their names to appear more credible, or does it really mean something? In a world that is increasingly concerned about the impact of the built environment on the planet, does the credential make a difference for your career and credibility, or is it a waste ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Corridor Cul-de-Sacs in Civil 3D

Civil 3D Corridor Cul-de-Sac Design

By Kevin Spear, P.E. Corridors are quite fun to build, configure and eventually model various surfaces. Everyone has seen the smooth and clean examples.   Sometimes, the corridor object can get out of whack; subassemblies targeting the wrong alignments, daylighting specified to the wrong surface, etc. Maybe you’ve seen this simple error… Of course intersections can pose their own problems, ... Read More »

How to Use View Filters for Other View Types in Revit


By Chris Perry, CADSoft Consulting Color schemes are a great visual tool in views to highlight or callout specific criteria of information in the view, generally used in plan-type views.   But, color schemes are based on parameters of room, space, zone, duct, pipe and area categories.  If a “color scheme” is needed for information other than listed, you can ... Read More »

Lynn Allen’s Top 5 AutoCAD Tips for Government Users


A few weeks ago Autodesk evangelist and Cadalyst contributor, Lynn Allen, joined our partners DLT Solutions and CADD Microsystems for a government seminar in Washington, D.C. In addition to sharing her insights on future design trends, Lynn also presented her ever-popular AutoCAD Tips and Tricks. We caught up with Lynn afterwards for a quick chat and asked her: “What are ... Read More »

Civil 3D DWG File Size To Big? Try These Steps


By  Ron Couillard, CADSoft Consulting Have you ever seen a drawing file you created with Civil 3D balloon in file size? Has this caused performance to take a nose dive? The following steps should help you get some improvement on getting smaller file size, and hopefully better performance: 1. Run an audit. An audit will detect errors and allow you ... Read More »

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