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Tips and How-Tos

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How to Create Parcels from AutoCAD Objects in Civil 3D


Converting AutoCAD entities into land parcels is made easy in Civil 3D. Using a few simple steps you can convert entities into parcels with automatic labels that show useful topological data, such as land data. Parcel layout tools can be used to create and edit those parcels with precision. Here’s what you need to know: 1. To make things easier, ... Read More »

How to Spread your Time and Resources Across Different CAD Software


How many CAD programs do you manage? Long ago it was probably just one – AutoCAD or some other 2D design software. But with the advent of 3D design, and all that comes with it (design review software, mobile integration software, simulation tools, field apps, collaboration software, etc.), CAD managers have their hands full. If you are managing many pieces ... Read More »

How Does the Civil 3D Batch Drawing Converter Command Stack Up?


By Ron Couillard, CADSoft Consulting Civil 3D users always seem to have the need to batch export drawings for one reason or another. Years ago, there was the Pack n Go routine which would grab all dependent files and such and package everything up into a zip file. Obviously, this has been replaced by the E-Transmit routine. I had discovered ... Read More »

6 Tips to Ease Your Agency’s Leap Into BIM


By Kate Morrical By now, you’ve heard more than you could have imagined about the possibilities of BIM for structural engineering. You might even be convinced of the benefits: intelligent models, auto-generating floor plans and sections, and better collaboration with stakeholders. But how do you actually get started? BIM is complex—a giant sea of potential. And if you leap in ... Read More »

What is the AutoCAD Design Feed and How do You Use It?


By Isaac Harper, CADSoft Consulting If you are like most people, the first time you opened your AutoCAD 2015 the first thing you probably did is start closing all of the palettes that popped up on your screen, (like everyone did with AutoCAD 2014 and so on) to get it back to the way old way you are used too. ... Read More »

Our 10 Most Popular CAD Blogs of 2014

Gold top 10 winner

Here we are again, another New Year, another opportunity to look back and plan ahead! We’ve published over 100 articles this year, featuring insights, tips, best practices and commentary on all aspects of public sector digital design. A big thank you goes out to our stable of guest bloggers and partners, including Line//Shape//Space, Synergis Engineering Design Systems, CADD Microsystems and ... Read More »

5 Tips for Creating a Successful Revit User Group


By Kate Morrical We all know that solving problems on our own isn’t always practical. Sometimes you need help, or just somebody else to talk it over with. And you’ve probably also experienced the phenomenon that the best way to learn something yourself is to teach it to someone else. Put those two ideas together, and you’ve got a Revit ... Read More »

Free White Paper: How DOTs are using Swept Path Analysis to Improve Safety & Speed Design


Developed with the needs of transportation designers and engineers in mind, Autodesk Vehicle Tracking (AVT) is a relatively new addition to Autodesk’ portfolio of infrastructure solutions, but it’s getting a lot of attention. That’s because AVT simplifies and automates previously complex drafting scenarios and allows designers and planners at government agencies to quickly validate designs for roundabouts, intersections, parking, airport ... Read More »

3 Tips CAD Managers Can Use to Increase Team Efficiency and Productivity


By Shaun Bryant I think it was 1998, and the drawing office I was working in at the time was buzzing with anticipation. Being the CAD manager, I controlled the procurement budget for office equipment. Due to an excellent previous year, the powers that be had increased my CAD hardware budget. The CAD workstations had been upgraded already, so I ... Read More »

Who’s Checking your Vault Backups?


By Mark Lancaster, Synergis Engineering Design Solutions Are you checking to confirm your Vault backups are occurring? If not or you assume they are, I highly suggest you put a plan in place to confirm backups are occurring. Even if the responsibility lies with another individual or a group, simply ask them. Most time Vault backups run without incident. But ... Read More »

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