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Tips and How-Tos

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5 Tips for Creating a Successful Revit User Group


By Kate Morrical We all know that solving problems on our own isn’t always practical. Sometimes you need help, or just somebody else to talk it over with. And you’ve probably also experienced the phenomenon that the best way to learn something yourself is to teach it to someone else. Put those two ideas together, and you’ve got a Revit ... Read More »

Free White Paper: How DOTs are using Swept Path Analysis to Improve Safety & Speed Design


Developed with the needs of transportation designers and engineers in mind, Autodesk Vehicle Tracking (AVT) is a relatively new addition to Autodesk’ portfolio of infrastructure solutions, but it’s getting a lot of attention. That’s because AVT simplifies and automates previously complex drafting scenarios and allows designers and planners at government agencies to quickly validate designs for roundabouts, intersections, parking, airport ... Read More »

3 Tips CAD Managers Can Use to Increase Team Efficiency and Productivity


By Shaun Bryant I think it was 1998, and the drawing office I was working in at the time was buzzing with anticipation. Being the CAD manager, I controlled the procurement budget for office equipment. Due to an excellent previous year, the powers that be had increased my CAD hardware budget. The CAD workstations had been upgraded already, so I ... Read More »

Who’s Checking your Vault Backups?


By Mark Lancaster, Synergis Engineering Design Solutions Are you checking to confirm your Vault backups are occurring? If not or you assume they are, I highly suggest you put a plan in place to confirm backups are occurring. Even if the responsibility lies with another individual or a group, simply ask them. Most time Vault backups run without incident. But ... Read More »

Can’t Make it to AU? Here are 3 Ways to Get the Autodesk Training you Need


Looking to refine your Autodesk software skills but can’t make it to Autodesk University this year? The good news is there are plenty of options for doing so, right from your desktop or mobile device. Autodesk University Online Let’s start with Autodesk University itself. If your agency budget won’t stretch to sending you to Vegas for a few days, then ... Read More »

What’s New in Revit 2015? 8 Tips and Tricks


By Jeff Yoders When we last discussed Revit, it was to show how its processes can allow prefabrication of building components, particularly MEP equipment. A new version of Revit brought new tools and features to users when it launched earlier this year, most of which are specifically focused on helping you create better designs that can be sent right to construction or ... Read More »

Very Nice Cursor Improvements in AutoCAD 2015


By Isaac Harper, CADSoft Consulting Autodesk has made some enhancements to the Cursor in AutoCAD 2015. A minor improvement was the crosshair lines that used to run through the pick box have been removed to make it easier to view what you are selecting. You can still use the PICKBOX system variable or the OPTIONS Dialog on the SELECTION tab ... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Computer Hardware for your CAD Work


With federal fiscal year coming to an end on September 30th, CAD managers may be wondering how to make the best use of those “use-it-or-lose-it” tax dollars. What about upgrading that CAD hardware you use? Cadalyst recently published a great article that guides CAD users through the various scenarios and use cases that impact any decision you make about choosing ... Read More »

8 How-To Video Tutorials for Bridge Designers & Engineers


One of the most popular blogs on Acronym has to be this one: 8 How-To Video Tutorials for Transportation Infrastructure Designers & Engineers. In the blog, we cut through product pushes and lined up eight tutorials and webinars that help engineers and designers better master their craft. So we thought it was time to get a little more granular and ... Read More »

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